23 March 2015

June’s puppies almost 4 weeks old

Sunday pictures with 3 weeks and 5 days. Unfortunately not possible otherwise, as my starphotographer has to work during the week and can not come home during the evenings. We have a weekend marriage and therefore the pictures are made during the weekend.  But I think, that they are always very beautiful. As said, June is since Monday living in the large kindergarden. The little ones have miraculously adopted their new surrounding and do get more space soon. Than June wil have to depart from the back part. The puppies are starting to play with toys and that looks clumsy and inept. In the meantime they get 4 meals per day. 2 times minced meat an twice Earthborn Puppy, soaked with Terra Canis Puppy from a can. That is what they like and June also thinks it is great, as she can have the leftovers. Therefore she delivers a milkshake as desert. Tuesday they will have to be weighed again and the second worm cure will be given. From this beautiful litter, some males and females are still available and are looking for a new home. There are also puppies with Showing Quality available. Oh, before I forget: the names have been made up as well. Complete in style with our tradition. All with names of US artists, VIPs etc..

The males: Oscar de la Renta, Orlando Bloom, Oliver Hardy, Orson Wells and Oscar Wild

The girls: Octavia Spencer, Olivia Wild, Oprah Winfrey, Oleata Adams and Olivia Newton John

Our Sunday Pictures: the males

3,5 weeks 5 boys

the 2 blue males

3,5 weeks 2 blue boys

the 5 girls

3,5 weeks 5 girls

our blue girl

3,5 weeks blue bitch side

and another nice one from our blue lady

3,5 weeks blue bitch front