17 September 2013

Krefeld and Kaltenkirchen/GER

What a tremendous weekend we had!

The Hellwig family was with their Beardie community to a Show in the Northern part of Germany, in Kaltenkirchen to be exact. Evan as the Vanbossche family with their complete dog family. Mr. Mark Wibier/GER, judged the Beardies. Again the Vanbossche family ended on a first place in the Puppy Class with “Ole” (Firstprizebears Lucky Luke). “Tobi” (Firstprizebears King Cole) won the Intermediate Class. Mrs. Hellwig won with her homebred, “Desire of Fun Charlize Theron”, the Open Class. Due to this she is now a German- and VDH Champion. She is a daughter of Ch. Fristprizebears Enfield en Ch. Firstprizebears Greenville. Her brother already became Champion last week. The youngest outcome of the Hellwig family, “Firstprizebears Lisa Marie” had her first show off in the Puppy Class and won. Yes, after a long period of absence, Mrs. Hellwig showed her eight year old Spike (Ch. Firstprizebears Delaware) in the Veteran Class. He became Best Veteran and Best Veteran in Show. Congratulations with this victory. We are enormous proud on “Spike” and very thankful to the Hellwig family, for the fact that they show our dogs so successfully, with so much passion and love.

Best in Show Veteran Ch. Firstprizebears Delaware, Judge Mr. M. Wibier/GER and Mr. Z. Todorovic/Ser. Photo Mr. P. Pump

BIS Veteran Kaltenkirchen Firstprizebears Delaware

Firstprizebears  Lisa Marie and Mrs. Hellwig, Firstprizebears Lucky Luke with Mrs.. Vanbossche. Both are 8 months old and out of: Ch. Lärkängens at Firsticebears and Ch. Firstprizebears Donna Summer

Kaltenkirchen 15.09.13 FPB Lisamarie und Ole 8 Mo

Krefeld is situated in Germany, and on a stone throw away from our place. Just 90 Km driving. Mrs. Suzanne Langhorst-de Haan, was selected to judge the Beardies. “Schoko” had never been shown in Germany and a first step towards the German Title was our target. Since half May, I haven’t shown “Lasse” and I wanted to show him again. I could convince Peggy Jeurissen, to enter Lasse’s son, “Letterman” alias Jazz and show him in the Puppy Class. In total 29 Beardies had been entered and that morning it was very cold in the big tent. But everything would be compensated for getting up so early this morning. “Jazz” was alone in Puppy Class and Peggy and he did everything perfectly.

Firstprizebears Letterman 8 months old.

Firstprizebears Letterman in Krefeld

“Lasse” (Ch. Lärkängens at Firsticebears) was alone in the Champion Class and became Best Male. “Schoko” had two opponents in the Intermediate Class, she won. Later against the Open, Youth and Champion Class, she became Best Bitch. Peggy was so kind to handle “Schoko”, as I had to go back in the ring with Lasse  for BOB. Mrs. Langhorst chose “Lasse”.

Best Bitch with 17 months, “Firstprizebears Liz Taylor” with Peggy Jeurissen, Judge Mrs. Langhorst-de Haan, Best Of Breed “Ch. Lärkängens at Firsticebears”


Now it was no longer cold and where curious to know what would happen in the Big Ring. Mrs. Regina Blessing, a long year breeder of Bearded Collies (Spirit of Caledonia) herself and in the meantime almost an all round judge, judged Group 1. “Lasse” showed his best side and Mrs. Blessing was convinced of his qualities and he won Group 1. I was just happy and enormously proud to win the Group under a Breed Specialist.

Krefeld Lasse BIG 1

After this winning, Mr. Boris Biac from Slovenia, chose the Best dog of the day out of the five Group Winners from the Sunday. I had never seen or met this judge before in my life. But, his name I will certainly remember, because Mr. Biac was also convinced of Lasses qualities, that he crowned him to Best Dog of the Day.

Lasse together with Mr. Biac, Breed Specialist Mrs. Langhorst-de Haan (all the way in the back, the organizer of the Show, Mr. Otto), a happy Conny and the Group Judge Mrs. R. Blessing

Krefeld Best of Day

Mr. P. Harsany from Hungary, who picked Lasse for Best Male in December last year in Brussels, was the judge for the Best In Show. Our competitor was John Hauben with his successful Welsh Terrier and whom I meet since years in the Big Ring. “Lasse” again showed his perfect movement, but….. Reserve Best in Show. I was totally happy. Lasse is a beautiful Bearded Collie and I am very fond of him.

Krefeld Lasse Gangwerk

Roberto and Renate, my photographers at the many shows since 1978, found some time in between to place “Schoko” in the correct lights.

“Firstprizebears Liz Taylor” 17 months old.

Krefeld Fristprizebars Liz Taylor