5 October 2020

“Lilli” Firstprizebears Helen Hunt 8-10-2008 – 24-9-2020

International, Dutch, Belgian, Danish, German, VDH champion, national winner and FCI European champion. She won group 1 at the Winner Amsterdam and at the FCI anniversary show in Dortmund.

Firstprizebears Helen Hunt  

08-10-2008    died 24-09-2020

“Lilli” or “Lillefluts” left us shortly before her 12th birthday. “Lilli” was a very special beardie. Actually, I didn’t want to keep her, she had a weak bladder and this had to be treated first. During this time I noticed what a fantastic movement this puppy had. Of course, she was no longer sold and became a show superstar. She won the stars from the sky. At the age of 20 months she became world winner in Denmark and ended her career in Salzburg on May 19, 2012 with the second world title.

Eef and Theis Martens from Reuver in the Netherlands, she lived there, was loved above all and pampered until the last day. We are more than grateful to Eef and Theis for everything they did for “Lilli”.

“Lilli” loved the water. However, that was not at all good for her, she kept getting cystitis from it, which then had to be treated. But Theis and Eef didn’t care, the main thing was that Lilli was happy between the other 5 Beardies in the Martens house.

“Lilli” gave me 2 great litters, the M litter from which my unique “Prada” comes (Multi Ch. Firstpizebears Meryl Streep) as well as “Ch. Mia Farrow” and “Ch. Maryline Monroe” and the N litter with Ch ” Nora Jones “and” Ch. Neil Diamond “.

Fare well dear Lilli

Eef Marten has taken endless great photos of Lilli over the years.



Worldwinner  Dänemark 2010                                                                     Worldwinner  Salzburg 2012