16 March 2014

Lilli has recieved her babies

Lilli had an enormous round belly and the puppies could be felt clearly, when moving inside her. Finally Wednesday it happened. The whole day already, she was restless and had been digging in the whelping box for the 45th time. So that all newspapers, cloth, etc where a complete chaos, but precisely good for her. Continiously she wanted to go outside and had managed, just before the firstborn saw the light, to dig a whole. There was no more time for cleaning.So all newborn puppies had a Kind of sandy-breading. Lukily, Lilli’s “mother” Eef Martens came along to help. “Socke”, the bobtail bitch, is laying in a whelping box in the living room and constantly when  new born puppy of Lilli started screaming, she came out of her whelping box and wanted to visit the puppies. For someone alone this was not doable. In total, Lilli gave birth to 8 healthy and beautiful puppies. Three males and five bitches, of which 7 heavy weights. Only one small bitch, of 230 grams, but very lively. Now there is something going on at our place, no time to sit, nor to relax and almost no sleep. Anyway, it will become a good time. Besides one bitch  all of Lilli’s puppies do have a new home.

Lilli, recovering from giving birth, freshly cleaned and with a clean whelping box. Ofcourse one of the puppies had to do his or her needs on the clean sheets, even before a picture could be made.


The three males.


in the new puppy cushion, the ladies where searching for a nipple to drink from. Therefore, there is not much to see from their beautiful heads.


This is a funny picture. One of the puppies is making a hand.


3 days old