24 April 2013

Lilli’s puppies 4,5 weeks

Our “clover four” have become 4,5 weeks old and since a couple of days have moved in to kindergarten of the kennel. However, there are only 4 puppies, their world in the whelping box in the kitchen had gotten too small. Now they have room to play. “Grandmother” Eef Martens, had brought a little tunnel, on which small bells are attached, as a gift. This gives them lots of fun and they run in full speed through the tunnel. Although our “Mel Gibson” is still the smallest of the group, he catches up real fast and takes whatever he needs. At the feed bowl he is always the first and when mother Lilli comes by with a full milk bar, he will not let go the nipple anymore.

On Saturday we where lazy and have only made 2 pictures, but from now on we will do better and show more pictures of these wonderful puppies.

“Mel Gibson” with 4,5 weeks

4,5 weeks Mel Gibson

the girls: Marilyne Monroe, Meryl Streep and Mia Farrow

4,5 Weeks 3 Ladies