28 April 2013

Lilli’s puppies, 5.5 weeks old.

On Sunday we had beautiful weather, so time go outside and play with our puppies. That was extremely exiting and Auntie “Doro”, the Bobtail lady, has played very cute with the little ones. “Mel”, our little strong man, weighed 1650 gramms with five weeks. His 3 sisters are between 1800gr and 2200gr. They have learned pretty fast, how to get outside through the cat hatch, in to the outside kennel. Fresh meat is at the top of the list with favorite food and off course not to forget the fresh milk given by mommy “Lilli”.

First the glamour pictures, taken on Sunday. This time on 2 different locations. I could not agree with myself which one was nicer.


Mia Farrow (Maxima), Meryl Streep (Prada), Marilyne Monroe and Mel Gibson alias Braveheart


“Mel Gibson” can run veryyyy fast


Than he discovered the flowerpott and is holding a session with himself, about what you can all do with flowers…..


Aunt Doro, enjoys herself when playing with the puppies

5,5, weeks Jadore and puppy.

this one is worth its weigh in gold. Doro and Mia Farrow (Maxima)

5,5,-weeks-Doro-playing-with-Mia-Farrow 3

the calm before the storm.


such a little bobtail-tail is like a toy, just with the “taste of fresh meat”, someting like that, a Beardie puppie cannot resist.


playing makes you hungry and thirsty. Ain’t it good that mma “Lilli”is aroud with some food?


Fot our “Marilyne Monroe” we are still searching a new home.


Marilyne Monroe 5,5 weeks old

5,5, weeks Marilyne Monroe front