6 May 2013

Lilli’s puppies six weeks old

Last week Thursday, our “clover four” became 6 weeks of age. Time to give them a worm cure and to see how the structure of the little ones is and what to expect from this litter. In the girl group there are 2 real heavy weights with 3500gr. Marilyne Monroe watches her figure and weighs 2820 grams. The only male in the group, our “Mel Gibson” has reached the proud weight of 2240 grams. Off course he still has to gain a little more weight but he is catching up. In any case he is a male with everything on top and has a wonderful construction. His character is gorgeous and I could hug him at least 3000 times per day and he wouldn’t mind at all. A real Latin Lover. The ladies group is one of 10000 kisses. As soon as you pick them up and put them in your arms they start kissing you. These are real Bearded Lollies. Slowly it gets time for the chipping and the first vaccination. The ladies had to undergo a larger investigation and I was more than satisfied with the results and what I felt. This are the true moments in the life as a breeder, but as always, they have to grow up first and develop further.

The glamour photo as of Sunday:

Mel Gibson, Meryle Streep (Prada), Marilyne Monroe and Mia Farrow (Maxima)