1 April 2014

Lilly’s puppies 2 weken en 2 dagen

Lilly her puppies where 2 weeks and 2 days old, last Saturday, during our weekly photo shoot. They are very smart puppies, who since a couple of days, eat 3x per day. As usual we start with Terra Canis Puppy out of a can, heated up until 37 degrees celcius and made a little more creamy by adding Esbilac Puppy Milk. Sunday we have enlarged the whelping box, which is placed in the kitchen. The front part has been removed and by doing this, created a walking space for the puppies, secured by a small barred fence. This was exciting and immediately investigated by them. Lilly is a modern mother. She is fondly about her sibblings, but also takes her time for a beauty sleep. Approximately every 4 hours, Lilly’s milkbar is filled again and she patiently lays down in the whelping box, giving her 8 puppies all the time to get a full stomach. From this litter, 1 puppybitch  is still available.

For the photo session, the large “puppy-egg” was used. Here all 8 fit in.


the 3 males


the 5 girls


at the moment all 8 still fit on a cosy puppy cushion.


all 8 drinking simultaneously


very concentrated during drinking