26 March 2014

Lilly’s puppies, 9 up to 13 days old

I hope, you don’t blame me for the fact that I fell behind with work regarding news around our puppies. A full agenda, lot of puppy visitors and a show during the weekend have taken their time. Besides, our grown up dogs also want to have their daily portion of attention. Lilly and her puppies are doing well. Every morning and evening she manages to make the hole under a pine tree a little deeper. Can you imagine how great it is, to undo the dog from sand in the late evening hours?!

Since last week Friday, I am finally sleeping in my own bed again. However, my night rest gets interrupted by the alarm clock every three hours, than I have to go down to help Lilly and Bobtail Mama Socke and make sure that all puppies find a nipple.

The smallest puppy, who was born with a weight of 230 gr. has almost doubled his birth weight to 430 gr. That, the other puppies didn’t manage. Monday they had 600 gr.

We have taken pictures on Saturday, when the puppies where 9 days old.

The puppies have received their names: Norman Rockwell, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Neil Diamond for the males. The ladies are called: Natalie Wood, Nora Jones, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts and Nancy Sinatra.

The 3 males:


the 5 bitches:


1 week old and all are satisfied


Today they are 13 days old and tied for the first time puppyfood

13 days first time meal

and they loved it

13 days first time meal all