9 May 2014

Lots of praise

This friendly mail we got. Such an amount of praise is nice to receive.

Dear Mrs. Verelst-Loest

by visiting the homepage of “Hallo-Tiere”, we ended on your pages and would like to write a couple of lines to you.

We, that means my wife and I, are people who love animals and only take animals that are coming from a difficult breed or who are on the lists to be killed. Almost all these animals, do have a trauma and until now we always have been lucky that we have gotten them back to what they should have been and find a good address for them here in the mountains. In the meantime we have created  enormous distances, to breeders as we can hardly trust any of them.
For my wife, the Bearded-Collie is the dog of her dreams. Her Boomer unfortunately passed away at an age of 14 years. However, we have to give you a high tribute, because your internet presentation on itself is already worth praise, your animals look exceptionally beautiful on the pictures and everything makes a harmonious, good and clean impression. We are delighted to see, that there are still breeders like you, who attach value to the animals and not just watch their own wallet!!

In any case, somewhere in this life we want a Bearded Collie again and we than will definately contact you (in case you still breed)! With you, as breeder,  we have the confidence (trust), that you sell a good and healthy dog.
We wish you all the best!

Many regards from
Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GER)
Familie Isensee