20 August 2014

Ludwigshafen and Bremen/GER

Ludwigshafen is located in the area of the Rheinland-Pfalz/Germany and about 340 kilometres from Maaseik/B away. The Showground is in the Ebert-Park. De halls are not that large and therefore you have several rings in the Park. An excellent location, during beautiful weather, large parking possibility, by the way: for free, and normal prices in the gastronomy. This was the 3rd time that we have been showing here. In 2005 won our OES “Ch. Creditcard aus dem Elbe-Urstromta”l FCI Groep 1, under the, late Mrs. Elke Peper. Again in 2010 we where there, this time with “Ch.Himmlisch aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”, who won FCI Group 1 under Mr. Korosz/HUN. This year, 2014, our “Aryakas Niki Elbe-Urstromtal” “only” became 2nd in Group 1. Winner of this Group was our Bearded Collie Bitch “Firstprizebears Meryl Streep“. Judge for Group 1 was Mrs. Gesa Schicker/GER. We think this show is awesome! The journey to this area we always use for sight seeing, and to enjoy this beautiful landscape along the route. In 2010 we visited Heidelberg and this thime the journey took us to the Rhine-Mitteltal, along the route of the UNESCO World Heritage. To see this we stopped at the rest place, just before the Moseltal bridge and also to enjoy a cup of coffee and the one time view, in order to continue our journey via the highway until the Exit Boppard. From here we drove along the Rhine, via St. Goar to the Lorelei mountain, at the left side of the river. Later we took the ferry and crossed the river to Rüdesheim. Here you have to have a look at the Drosselgasse. Many Cruise ships where riding at anchor here along the beautiful park, also part of the UNESCO World Heritage. After this visit we drove to the Hotel in Ludwigshafen. The breakfast the next morning was the most perfect one I have ever seen. Unfortunately was the time before the Show too short to enjoy all of the valuables at the menu.

The Moseltal Bridge


At the ferry in the direction Rüdesheim,


the famous Drosselgasse


we had located our tent at an ideal spot on top of the hill, next to the Beardie Ring and overviewing the Bobtail Ring, located in the Valley. In the morning at 09.15 our Bobtail Bitch had to be judged. Around noon it was our Beardie’s turn. Mr. Heiko Wagner form Germany, was our judge. Prada had been entered in the Intermediate Class.

Niki Zelt

The Intermediate Class Bitches: Millwaukee Samara Sacajawea (very good), Kindle Passion Yelda (Ex 4), Firstprizebears Meryl Streep (Ex 1), Olympia von der Branderburger Beardie Bande  (Ex 3), Paws for Fun Cindy Lou (Ex 2)


Our beautiful Prada, with her 17 months, won the Intermediate Class, received the CACIB, becme Best Bitch and Best Of Breed.


Best Of Breed, Firstprizebears Meryl Streep, Mister Heiko Wagner, the judge, Best Male Stroke of Luck Invisible Touch Iago


Then we had to wait until 16.00 hrs, after which the judging of Group 1 started. Misses Gesa Schicker from Germany, judged the Group. Harry had to Show our OES Bitch, as we had won with both of our Breeds. He only had his free time clothing with him, as we had not expected to have to go into the Big Ring with both Breeds. Everything was good. “Prada” won the large Group and Harry became 2nd with Niki. These are very special moments. Ask yourself the question: How many times do you manage to occupy Places 1 and 2 in the Group? A wonderful ending of a perfect journey.


During the first weekend of August, in Bremen/GER an Int-Show was held. The Englishman John Ritchie judged the Bearded Collies. He has not given that many Excellents, but instead many Very Goods and Good. The Hellwig family had enetered their little, but beautiful “Firstprizebears Lisa Marie” in the Intermediate Class. As only one in this Class, she received an Excellent, won the Class and became Res-Best Bitch with res-CACIB. The judge recognized that an almost perfect dog, who is a little smaller, had to win. There are an enormous amount of Beardies, who all have the ideal hight, but not that many qualities. the Standard is clear about this: “With high quality, a few centimetres may not be of any influence”. The day before yesterday, the Hellwig’s  had her eyes and hips investigated. Results: HD A2 and eyes are OK,

Firstprizebears Lisa Marie,18 months old during the Int-Show at Bremen, Res-CACIB, CAC.

1 Lisa Marie CACIB Bremen V1 02.08.14 018   2 Lisa Marie CACIB Bremen V1 02.08.14 033 3 Lisa Marie CACIB Bremen V1 02.08.14 040