5 October 2020

Funny photos of our Carey and Pike puppies

Carey is back home with her owner  Ms. Reinicke and has restored the friendship bond with her companion t “Carlos” the cat . Both look again in  same direction


Our “Fawny” had to bark against 3 other dogs that looked the same as did. It was a great adventure.


“Tallahassee” aka Fawny has such a supercute face.

“Tulsa” makes Bella figura on her boat tour

of course “Aline” shouldn’t be missing. She was on a short trip  in the Ardennes with best friend  Pascale


“Texas” is a proofed copilot with the bike.

and you get very tired from it 

as a new employee

“Tacoma” spend a holiday in france with her family


if the other owners also have funny and beautiful photos for me, I will be happy to place them here.

Firstprizebears Toledo now 5 months old  owned by Anna in Belgium                                          and his brown brother Firstpizebears Tuscon owner Familie Desemet/Belgium