31 March 2013

Luxemburg, Israel, Germany and Spain

The Easter weekend was a successful weekend for our breed. In Spain the yearly Clubshow for the britisch Sheepdogs was held. Felix Cosme/UK judged the Beardies and Oscar Largo has show here his Firstprizebears Larry King” (Caramac Change the beat x Ch. Firstprizebears Heidi Klum). “Matias” won the Youth Class and received the Youth CAC.

Stop Press: On Sunday 08-04-2013, Matias won his Title of Spanish Youth Champion in Toledo.

Firstprizebears Larry King 31-3-2013

His litter brother, “Fristprizebears Lorne Green”  lives in Israel with Paz Davidovich and also had a succesful weekend, during 3 Shows in Tel Aviv. On the first day he won the Youth CAC, Best Male and Best Of Breed. During the other two days he also won the Youth CAC and Best Male.

Paz’ sister Yael, has shown hom in the Big Ring.

Firstprizebears Larry King Tel Aviv 03-13

Fernando and Sergio where at a show in Munich/GER, with their “Firstprizebears Kim Carnes”. Mrs. H. Bilsheim/GER was the judge and  awarded our “Patatina” with CACIB, CAC and Best Bitch. BOB was won by Sergio and Fernando’s male.

Fernando with “Kim”

Fristprizebears Kim Carnes Muenchen-31-3-2013

Oh yes, I was at the Show in Luxemburg. In fact we didn’t need anything, but I love to show in Luxemburg and also, I was curious about this judge. Mrs. Böhi-Wenger from Switzerland, had to judge the 32 entered Beardies. For our Schoko it was interesting to drive over, for the Luxemburg Youth Championship. But to travel alone with Schoko is boring and therefore “Lasse” had to join. It was cold in Luxemburg! We had a nice group of people including the Family Hellwig-Grammann, who came all the way from Rostock wit their child and 3 dogs. Beside that, the Vanbossche Family was present with with their complete gang (Enzo, Floh, Mini, Ole und Tobi), to show “Tobi”. At the end of the day, only Mrs. Vanbossche was satisfied, and I only for 75%…., because “Lasse” had won everything and Schoko had only become 2nd. Poor Mrs. Hellwig with her 3 beautiful dogs was, three times in a row, placed second. Something we where not quite happy with. But anyway we had lot of fun and laughter. The Vanbossche Family had to enter the Big Ring  for Best Youth Dog. For them the long waiting paid off. They where placed under the last 8 in this enormous large Group. For me there was no use going into the Big Ring, because I already knew on forehand, that I would not have any chance with the judge. The judge is a friend of a belgian competitor, so the rest you can figure out by yourself. Unfortunate that so much time was waisted, but it is a matter of honor to go into the Big Ring.

Here are our results:

Luxemburg Youth Champion “Fristprizebears King Cole“. Owners Heike and Ronny Vanbossche

Fristprizebears Kim Carnes Muenchen-31-3-2013

2nd place in the Youth Class “Fristprizebears Liz Taylor“, our Schoko.

Fristprizebears Kim Carnes Muenchen-31-3-2013

Oh yes, against this bitch, the wonderful “Ch. Firstprizebears Hollywood” had to lose, but that was made up by “Lasse” and Mrs. Böhi-Wenger was convinced of his qualities and made him BOB.


and so do happy winners look. The judge Mrs. Böhi-Wenger with our “Lasse” Ch. Lärkängens at Firsticebears, 23 months old.

Lärkängens at Firsticebears Luxemburg 31-3-13

Congratulations to all the successfull Beardies from our Breed, who have won during the Easter Weekend. Also thanks to those people who where so kind to let me use the pictures they had made.

Lärkängens at Firsticebears Luxemburg 31-3-13