1 September 2014

Luxemburg/LUX, Budapest/HON and Walsrode/GER

The Autumn Show of Luxemburg is normally held in the month of September. This time it was at the end of August, so in fact a Summer Show. The Slovakian Mrs. Iveta Vojtekova had to judge 51 entered Beardies. Luxemburg belongs to one of my most favorite Shows and the judge was new and therefore we wanted to show our “Prada” to her. At the last minute Lorne Green” was entered before the Show. He had been with us on a honeymoon trip, since 3 months and we had finally found the possibility to get him back to Israel with another participant at the Show, who was flying home the next day. Paz Davidovich had therefore been without her “Lorne” for 3 months. In the Champion Class, 6 Males had been entered, of which Lorne was by far the youngest and ended at a 3rd place. Our “Prada” was in the Intermediate Class with 5 other Bitches.
She won this Class, won from the Champion, Open and all other Bitches and ended as Best Of Breed. “Prada” received a tremendous amount of applause from the other contestants and it rained compliments. A beautiful, harmonic day with a lot of new encounters. At 17.45 hrs the judging started in the Big Ring. The Lithuanian Mrs.  J. Aidietiene judged the enormous large FCI Group 1, in which there where many beautiful dogs. We where selected amongst the last 8 of this Group. More than we had hoped for with our young diva

Pictures of Luxemburg with thanks to Mr. Holger Silberhorn, Fernando Alvarez and Sergio Saraceno.

Ch. Firstprizebears Lorne Green in the Champion Class ended on a 3rd Place. 4th is Vicky van  Tiggelen with Ch. Diago Kiaora


“Lorne” in the Champion Class


“Prada” in the Intermediate Class with Kindle Passion Xiomara and Someting Else Hunique Histoire D’Hamour.


Best Male Ch. Great Return Papageno to France Z Domu Eny of Mr. Tostvin/F, the judge Mrs. Vojtekova and our BOB Firstprizebears Meryl Streep


Best of Breed with 18 months and selected under the last 8 of FCI Groep 1, our “Prada” Firstprizebears Meryl Streep. In 2010 het beautiful mother, Multi Ch. Firstprizebears Helen Hunt, also won Best Of Breed and became 2nd of FCI Group 1.


During last Weekend a Club Show for British Sheepdog was held in Budapest, Hungary. Mrs. S. Langhorst-de Haan (Scottsdale Bearded Collies), from Germany judged different breeds under which where also the Bearded Collies. Best Veteran In Show and BOS became the very famous and, in the meantime 11 year old “Ch. Firstprizebears Cony Island”, who by the way is still a lust for the eye. She is property of Gabriele Gesci together with Peter and Ildiko Muszlai. Best Of Breed was for her son “Double Scottch Rob Roy.

Double Scottch Rob Roy , the judge Mrs. Langhorst-de Haan and the BIS Veteran and BOS Firstprizebears Cony Island.

Budapest  Clubshow Cony Island

Last Sunday,  a more breeds Special Show was Held in Walsrode/GER, which is located in the beautiful Lüneburger Heide (heath). The German Beraded Collie Club had rescheduled their Show in order to be pasrt of this one. As judge the Irishman Des Manton was invited. I do not know exactly how many Beardies had been entered, but here are the results of the two males of the Vanbossche family.

Their “Tobi” “Ch. Firstprizebears King Cole” won the Champion Class and became Best Of Breed and because of this Club Winner 2014. Simply a beautiful victory in which the Dogs convinced. The Vanbossches can continue by hovering on pink clouds, as they are still sitting on them since the weekend before in Leipzig.

A thanks to Mr. Rene Schulz-Lorzen, for the pictures of Walsrode and who stayed, inspite the heavy rainfall.

The Champion Class males, first is Tobi ex 1 Firstprizebears King Cole, Ex 2 Honeytaste Son of A Bitch, Ex 3 Paws for Fun A Kind of Fun and Ex 4 Henry von der Hummelwiese


Best Male Of Breed and Club Winner 2014 Firstprizebears King Cole


also “Ole” did a good Job, by winning the Intermediate Class. “Firstprizebears Lucky Luke”


Now Mr. Vanbossche had to go in the ring again for the selection for Best Of Breed.  The Gentleman in the red coat is the judge Mr. Manton.

Walsrode Tobi und Ole