1 November 2012

Mail from Goofy

We have receiced an e-mail from Firstprizebears X’Popcorn, born on 27-9-1998

Hello Conny, How are you doing? With us all is fine. I was on Google, looking how old Bearded Collies will become and that is how I found your site. What do you have beautiful Webpages.  Reading the pages I saw that Bärchen (Firstprizebears Vancouver) had become 15 years old on 27 September and our Goof became 14 on 27 September. Are they from the same litter? Goof still has lots of fun in life and is getting very old and becoming deaf. He also get up difficultly, but still likes to go out with us, eats well and has no pain. Over the last year, with half year breaks, he had an attack of the geriatric vestibular syndrome, but has recovered reasonably well.  These are the only illnessess he has had in his complete dog life and therefore is a very strong dog. Are any more of his litter sisters and brothers alive? I believe Goofy came out of the litter of Firstprizebears Eminence and Firstprizebears Hillary Clinton in 1998. I tought you might like to know this. You are still as fond with your dogs as in those days. Lots of greetings and maybe I will hear something from you. I would like that!

Wiepje van Iperen

Firstprizebears X'Popcorn 14 Jahre alt 1