10 June 2013

Mel, Maxima, Marilyne and Prada

“Mel” is healthy and happily arrived in San Fransisco. Kathy Pavlich had him in her arms after 30 minutes. He has been traveling for 14 hours and did not even pee in his bench in the plane. At the first piece of grass, in his new home, he has been peeing for at least 5 minutes. He entered well in his new home and everybody is completely fond of him.

HOWEVER: we have changed his name: He is now called Mark Hamon. Kathy received many negative remarks about the name Mel Gibson. As it seems, this actor has build up a very negative name over the last 2 years. To release Mel from this burden, he is now called Mark Hamon.

A picture at Doke van Lare’s place. Doke, Mel and myself on the day before his departure in Ter Aar/NL.

Mel Gibbs Doke and Conny the day before

Relaxing before the flight at Doke and Piet’s place.

Mel Gibbs qualitytime at Piets place

Mel with his new owner, Kathy Pavlich, during the Woofstockshow in California.

Mel and Kathy

“Maxima”  (Firstprizebears Mia Farrow) will make a long trip to Calgary, Canada next week and hopefully we will receive a lot of beautiful reports from her.

Maxima 10 weeks sit 2

“Marilyne” (Firstprizebears Marilyne Monroe) stays with us for a little while, before she can make her trip to Israel.


“Maxima” this morning 18-6 with Piet van Lare and his son. They started at 7h to take Maxima to Shiphol airport

Maxima vertrek 18-6

“Prada” (Firstprizebars Meryl Streep) stays with us and will be spoiled bij everyone.