16 December 2015

News in Dezember

December is a month in which many Firstprizebears were and are out and about at shows. I am always pleased with success messages, but for me, however, it is no longer fun to show my Beardies. My life is presently turned upside down and I first have to realize where this unwanted journey is leading me to.

But now let`s hear the positive news. Family van Bossche was on the double show in Wels / Austria. On Saturday, 5th of December, Mrs. Oklescon from Slovenia judged the Beardies and on Sunday the Hungarian Zlatko Kralijc.

Tobi (Ch. Firstprizebears King Cole) did the course as follows: On first day excellent 2 and on second day CACIB, CAC with best of race, right on the photo.

Wels 2015 137

Ole (CH. Firstprizebears Lucky Luke) First day CACIB, CAC, best of race and eighth in group, second day excellent 1 CAC, left on the photo.

Wels Ole Wels 2015 135

On the same weekend, 5th and 6th of December, a double CACIB show took place in Kiew / Ukraine. Family Bondar presented the young and beautiful Firstprizebears Neil Diamond. He won the CACIB, CAC and best of race on both days. On the second day he became 4th of the group. Judge was John Wauben from the Netherlands. With these victories, Neil Diamond fulfils all the terms of the title “Ukrainian Champion”. He became champion no. 103 and the 4th champion in 2015. His parents are my great male dog “Lasse” Lärkängens of Firstprizebears, still available for mating, and my famous “Lilli” double World Winner Helen Hunt. I can only be proud and happy about that. The photos show Mrs. Bondar with Neil in his typical space-filling way to move. That’s the way it should be for a Bearded Collie!


Neil Diamond Kiev 12-15

Same weekend, but now the show at Kassel in Germany. Family Hellwig-Grammann has been on the spot with “Firstprizebears Navaho” and “Ch. Firtprizebears Lisa Marie” for two days. On the first day Mrs. Kain Voye judged and on the second day Mr. Dux.

Navaho: 1st day, best young dog, new German Youth Champion and best male dog, 2nd day excellent (left on the photo)

Lisa Marie: 1st day excellent 1,, CAC, 2nd day excellent 2 Res-CAC (right on the photo)

Nat. Kassel 05.12.15 Navaho und LM 028 Conny Nat. Kassel 05.12.15 Navaho und LM 072 Conny

Firstprizebears Orlando Bloom” was presented by his mistress Deborah Raquet at the CC Clubshow of the English Bearded Collie Club. He became 3rd in Junior Class and won the Maiden Class. Judge was Mrs. Paula Brooks.

Orlando Bloom UK Show 12-15
Orlando Bloom Shwo UK 12-15

In addition there was the show in Erbo / Italy. This, however, was one week later on the 13th of December. “Ch. Fistprizebears Nora Jones” once againe became best of race with CACIB, CAC. She is a litter sister of the beautiful “Neil Diamond”. Congratulations Fernando and Sunny.


Pax Davidovich came from Israel to the Winner Show in Amsterdam. Here the Holland Cup Show took place on Friday. Judge was Mrs. Van Veen / NL. “Ch. Firstprizebears Marylin Monroe” was awarded with the Res-CACIB. On Sunday the 13th of December Mr. Maikel Koot / NL judged the Winner Amsterdam and “Marilyn” reached the 3rd place with a VERY GOOD.  Struck with surprise no one took a photo.

Monika Fuss had entered her “Nash” for the first time at a Show. “Firstprizebears Nashville” started in Juniorclass male and reached a well deserved 2nd place. Monika showed him very well. A wonderful showdebute.

Winner Amsterdam Nashville

The big Belgium Winner show  was aweek after Amsterdam on the 20th of December in Brussel. 35 Beardies entered under The Irish Judge Des Manton. The strongest class was the Youthclass males with 7 dogs.

Firstprizebears Orlando Bloom” with his owner Deborah Raquet

Brüssel dezember 2015 Orlando

The youngest in this class was my dreamdog “Firstprizebears Orlando Bloom” he won this class with much bravory.

The other entered Firstprizebears beardie was “Firstprizebears Nashville” from owner Monica Fuss. She became a much earned 3rd place. Best Youth and Best Bitch was taken by Vicky van Tiggelen with “Bono wachtfull Eye Bliss” she is a daughter from Ch. Firstprizebears Just Beat-it, de dad is a child of my “Lasse”. So even a “familycase”.

The winner of the Youthclass males

Brüssel dezember 2015 winner juniormale
Our showteam in front of the famous Atomuim in Brussel
Brüssel dezember 2015 Showteam