3 July 2016

News in July 2016

Firstprizebears Paris Hilton has Iived in Ireland since the beginning of May in with Mandy Finnegan. She completed her first exhibition with flying colors. She was Best Puppy in Show on Saturday at the Int-Show in Bray. Judge was FrauK.V. Gilliand. “Paris” is only 5 months old – sweet!

FPB Paris Hilton 13578562_1732483007020892_1988662156_n

Paris Hilton

she did even more wins at Shows. At the Sliga All breed Show, judged by Ms. Y. Caman she took best Baby puppy and so she did at the Scottisch breed CC Show under judge Mr. Johnson.Last Weekend she went to Dun Laogaaire CC Show and earned her first green star (CC inm ireland) under judge mr. John Bond. So proud on Little “Paris”.

July brought the Firstprizebears some good exhibition news. In faraway Australia, Kirsten Anne had a great comeback with her beautiful “Ch. Firstpprizebears Lucky Stike“. “Strike” was shown at a total of 6 exhibitions. All the results for “Strike” you can read on his personal page.
Lucky Strike 07-16 13730818_1084215801615588_3166157581100506405_o

Lucky Strike 07-16 13775560_1084215774948924_3428682802235010971_n

Monika Fuss was in Liege/Belgium at the Int. Show with her two boys. The Slovenin Mrs. M. Korosec judged the Beardies. Monika had her “Pike” in the baby class entered this was  her Debut and “Firstprizebears Pikes Peak” won best baby. With their “Firstprizebears Naschville” she finished 3rd in the intermediate class.

Naschville Luik 07-16     Pikes Peak 07-16 Naschville und Pikes Peak 07-16

Deborah Raquet was also present in the intermediate class males and won first place with “Firstprizebears Orlando Bloom“and became Res-Best Male with Res-CACIB and Res-CAC

Orlando Bloom Liege     Orlando Bloom Luik 07-16

our dear friend Kathy Pavlich who is lining in the very North of Califonia/USA we got good News as well. She went to the Lost Coast Dogshow on july 2nd with “Firstprizebears Natural Blue” and her “Firstprizebears Nathalie Wood”. Both did well and became Best of breed and best bitch.

Kathy with “Balou” Firstprizebears Natual Blue.

Firstprizebears Natural Blue