15 March 2018

News in march 2018

Crufts in Birmingham/GB op 7.3.2018

The only Beardie from the Firstprizebear family was Ch. Firstprizebears Orlando Bloom who was in the huge open class at the start with 21 males at the start. Judge was the Scot Mr. R. Ballantyne

Geplaatst door Deborah Raquet op donderdag 8 maart 2018


Firstprizebears Orlando Bloom

Geplaatst door Deborah Raquet op donderdag 8 maart 2018


On the 4th of March 2018 a CAC Show took place in Genk / Belgium. Mr. Aleksoski / MK had to judge to good entry of Beardies. Our Belgian dream team Xavier and Percy were there. “Firstprizebears Proud Percy” is just  2 years old and  a great Beardie . He convinced the judge and he won Best of Breed. Xavier Pottiez was once again very proud and I am happy as a breeder that there are still judges who can recognize a great dog and let them  win without connections nor political games. The coronation for Xavier and Percy was the 4th place in Group 1 at the Polish Mr. P. Krol

On 10 and 11-3-2018 there was a CAC and a CACIB show in Offenburg / GER. On the first day Mr. Wagner / GER and on the second day Mr. E. Deutscher from Austria were judging.The Kirmis  Family was successfully in intermediate class on both days with Sally. Firstprizebears Pasadena received Excellent 1 and CAC. On the 2nd day our talented friend Fernando arrived from Italy and showed “Sally” in his wonderful way. “Firstprizebears Partick Duffy” was also in the intermediate class on the 2nd day and also got Excellent 1 with CAC. He has gotten his hip dysplasia result: HD A.