23 October 2011

New photo’s after 1,5 weeks

Saturday, Coco’s Babies where 1,5 weeks old. The weight is good, they are round and healthy. Some oft hem look thru narrow openings. This means there eyes are slowly opening up. Others can even control there 4 legs a little and walk. Even if it is for a short walk. Finally Mama Coco eats, but still not everything. It has to have at least 4 Michelin stars, will she eat. Sunday was a beautiful day for Coco, because her (human) „Grandmother“ and „Grandfather“ where visiting. Besuch-für-Coco  Coco got her favourit dog- and cannedfood by Terra Canis, but that was just for a short moment and she decided that it had to be 4 star menu’s again. By the way, she has started her fitnesprogram again. Dig very deep in a s very short time and I mean very fast! Recently she was outside and almost let our green waistcontainer dissapear in a whole in the earth she digged. Afterwards she looks at you as if nothing happenend, with the most innocent look you can find.

 With help of Simone and Andreas (Coco’s  real human parents) we have decided on the names. The males names will be:

King of Pop, Kirk Douglas, Keanu Reves, Kid Rock en King Cole. 

The ladies ones: Katie Melua, Kim Carnes, Katy Perry and Kim Raver

 Unfortunately the males where not asleep yet and where a little upset and didn’t want to lay down properly.


The ladies however,  where in a deep sleep during the photosession.

1,5-wkn-4-girls Very deep asleep……1,5-wkn-alles-eingeschlafen

and this is our extra terrestrial puppy