27 October 2012


Utrecht has a new hall and is placed in Nieuwegein/NL. A modern hall, but for my feeling a little too small. There was hardly any place to walk from front to back through the hall. Imagine with a dog. At the toilet for dogs were no waist buckets for those who wanted to get rid of the bags with the products produced by their dogs. Also in the hall you had to search well for a waist bucket. In the complete hall you could find cat litter that had been used to cover the pee’s and other messages left behind by many fourlegged. By the way it was stuffy in this hall, possible caused by the heat outside. The Bigring was big and the prizes little. The entryfee was € 55 per dog, maybe not enough for the large cup you could win after having been placed in the Group. But every start is difficult and we wait patiently for the next Show in 2013.

I had entered our “Lasse” (Lärkängens at Firsticebear) for judge Mr. John Waben. Two days before the show, I received the message that he would not judge. Mrs. R. Lochs-Romans, a Allrounder, would judge the Beardies for him. During a Show in Hulten/NL in 2010 she judged the Bobtails and the outcome did not convince me. As I had never shown Beardies under her and under the motto everyone deserves a first change. In this case also the last!

14 Beardies had been entered. 3 where absent. Mrs. Lochs, to my opinion had 3 wonderful males. All three different types, but from large quality. From “Clans of Storks Kaliber”, who was together with “Lasse” in the Intermediate Clas, she found that he was too big. This male is 55 cm high and just a couple of weeks measured with a certified rod, by myself. According to the Standard, males can be up to 56 cm high and when having overwhelming characteristics, it cannot be a problem if this Beardie does not have the correct height. Lasse won and “Dodger”became 2nd… Vicky van Tiggelen was present with her champion male. But Mrs. Lochs did something else this day and gave the CAC to the male from the Youth Class and Lasse received the Res-CAC. Offcourse the owner of the male was very happy, but I did not agree with this decision. As the judge is always right, I made the decision not to show under her anymore.

Ingrig Schreurs showed her beautiful “Firstprizebears Jade Jagger” in the Open Class and got an Excellent 1. In the end Vicky van Tiggelen won Best of Breed with her “Firstprizebears Just beat-it“. With the bitches I could  follow her decissions. Marja Ojevaar won the Youth Class with her “Clan of Storks Kookiedoh”, an Enfield daughter, who is now Netherlands Youth Champion.

Vicky and nicole have made pictures, but went on vacation after the show and forgot to mal them :-((

we got the photo from Vicky


BOS Midummer Callum of Alambar and Best of Breed Firstprizebears Just Beat-it