22 May 2015

Ocean and Lola, visiting Richard and Marlou

“Ocean” and “Lola” (Orleans) had to stay with us until they became 15 weeks old. The new and terrible EU regulations are forcing us to do so. Ocean has moved by plain to her new country, Spain and Lola flies to Israel. Not to be able to carry over a puppy with 8 weeks and having to wait another extra 7 weeks is very, very stressful. These puppies have to get familiar with the large and great world outthere and have to be tip top socialised. For a busy breeder there is never enough time. Thank God we have Marlou and Richard. They are always willing to act as guest family for our puppies and to take them for a week or a bit longer. They have the time and the mood to show the little ones the large world. Marlou and Richard, thank you very much for your help.

This funny picture was taken in the livingroom of Richard and Marlou.

Ocean and Orleans