1 April 2020

our “Flock of Sheep”

Corona has changed our lives a lot. Unfortunately we have to do without our usual excursions with the dogs. It is forbidden to transport 6 dogs in the car to go for a walk anywhere else. It is an unnecessary trip that can be punished with 250 € to 500 €. So we go for a walk in our neighborhood with our dogs. Unfortunately, we cannot let her off the leash here.

Fortunately we have 2500 square meters of meadow where our dogs run free. When the sun is shining it makes you feel good. Our dogs enjoy it and start eating the fresh grass. It’s almost like we’re on the move with a flock of sheep.

our “flock of sheep”

“Norman” watches over his ladies and Paul over the entire troop. Stylish with Ninibing34 hat, which is actually from Conny

after such a exhausting walk everyone has to take a nap.