8 August 2015

Orlando en route

Finally a weekend in which we had no exhibitions. Time to do something together with “Orlando”. He is now 5 months old and it is by the time that he sees the big city. As Harry and I are huge fans of Aachen/GER, it was very simple. Orlando had to come with us. He liked Aachen very much and liked ALL the people passing and wanted to jump against them all. As he was walking left and right from us, we had to be very careful, not to strugglel over him. But after 30 minutes his curiosity became less and he behaved like and old faithful companion, read Beardie.
In the Elisenbrunnen, our favorite restaurant, he enjoyed eating a haring, that I shared with him. On the way back we past the giant  chairs, which have been placed at the Mensa of the University and of course a picture had to be taken here.

Orlando Aachen 08-15 1 11817290_10206865837700539_8875911927926983975_n