26 March 2020

“Schoko” had her 8th birthday

Schoko lived for a long time with good friends of us in the next village. After her last litter I asked our friends if they were willing to pay from now  for her food and vetexpenses  and groom her all 6 weeks ( I would still do her inbetween after 3 weeks) as “Schoko” is on pension now. Unfortunatly they did not wanted to do so and offered us to take her back. So we did, since then we did not hear from them at all.

Amanda Ellington is since a couple of week the new owner of our “Schoko” Multi Ch. Firstprizebears Liz Taylor.

Amanda wrote on “Schokos Birthday” on march 23rd.

Today, as you know, was Schoko’s 8th birthday and she has had a fun day in the sun. She got a big bone, a new rope and a football and a long walkies through the forest  where a girl on a bike even stopped to take a photo of her. I’ve been working at home for nearly 2 weeks because of the Corona virus, so Schoko and Doogal can be outside all day. It’s great for them but not such fun for us humans. We are lucky to have gardens and dogs.
Anyway, Schoko seems to be enjoying her retirement. She is an absolute sweetie