21 January 2016

Pradas Puppies are born

This afternoon ( 20th januari 2016) at 14.00 hrs “Prada” (Ch. Firstprizebears Meryl Streep) gave birth to her first babies. At 20.00 hrs there were 10, 7 males and 3 females. All black and white. Proud daddy is “Beardmarked’s Sight For Sore Eyes”. I had the hope to become a few brown puppies but i’m happy and thankfull for this beautifull litter.

The first quick taken picture with my Iphone
Prada puppies

Just 24 hrs since “Prada” got her babies. She is a wonderfull mother who takes away all the work from me. The puppies are healty and satisfied and the weight of 8 of them is between 230 and 280gr , 2 are a bit bigger and are 310 and 360 gr. on the scale.
In the year 2016 all puppies born in Belgium get a name starting the letter “P”
For me there are a lot of beautifull names with this letter. We have the tradition that we give all puppies out of the line of Donna Summernames from American Celebrities. For this litter
the males are Peter Fonda, Pat Boone, Paul Anka, Philip Morris, Patrick Swayze, Percy Sledge und Patrick Duffy
and the Girls are: Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Priscilla Presley
the photos are from today:
Prada-1-Tag-sleeping-leg Prada-1-day-sleeging-leg-close
the boys
Prada-1-day-7-boys-1 Prada-1-day-7-boyes
the girls
Prada-1-day-3-girls-2 Prada-1-day-3-girls-1