12 February 2016

Pradas puppies 3 weeks old

On Wednesday my Prada children have been already 3 weeks old . The litter box in the living room had become too small . They were very enterprising and needed more space . Whom they have now in the “kindergarden” . They have settled in very quickly . 2 x daily , there is mincebeef . Ohterwise they are spoiled by  Mamma ” Prada ” . Nele Boverdeerd was so kind and helped me to take the pictures outside in glorious sunshine on Thursday .

3 male puppies are still available

these are two pictures of the puppies with number 5 , 6 and 7

3-weeks-prada-3-boy-5-7-1 3-weeks-prada-3-boys-5-7

These are the males with the number 1 to 4

3-weeks-prada-4-boys-1-4 3-weeks-prada-4-boys-1-4-1

and the 3 Girls with number 8, 9 and 10

3-weeks-Prada-3-girla 3-Weeks-Prada-3-girls



In the new area the “Kindergarden”

3 Wochen Prada alle 10 IMG_3213