30 December 2014

Renovation of the kennel

29 december 2014, the first big day of the renovation of the kennel. Harry and I had started days ago, by removing all pictures of the “wall of fame”, certificates and trophys. Everything had to come out and had to be removed from the walls. Our bigger dogs are all in the house, only the 3 young little rascals Norman, Senta and Nelly had to be accomodated with Chris Beirendonk. I think, that if these 3 had also stayed at our house, a complete renovation would have been necesarry. Today, all preparation have been made by father and son Neiken and our decorator Mr. Bisterveld has started applying filling primer. The amount of dust that comes available, by sawing in plasterstones, can not be imagined by someone who has not gone thru the same! Harry and I needed more than 2 hours to get everything dust-free again.

The puppy homes:

kennelrenovation 1 dag 1

seen from the entry.

Umbau kennel eingang

and seen from the backdoor.

Umbau kennel Hintertür

The wall where normally hang all the pictures of the Champions….

Umbau kennel spüle

The places where the youngster stay overnight.

Umbau kennel Junghunde

My wonderful cleaning hubby Harry

Umbau Kennel 1 Tag Harry

Day 2 at 30-12-2014. Almost all tiles are in place, only 2 little walls, completely at the end of the backwall and the puppy home have to be covered with tiles. After this the large masonry will start. Our decorator has to paint the walls twice and will try to start this job tomorrow, that means if he not walking in front of the feet of the others workers. The old carpet by ENKAMAT has, after having served for more that 19 years, completely been removed.

Afterwards cleaning again. Harry was mopping the floor for the somaniest time…

Umbau Kennel 2 Tag

almost all tiles are againt the walls.

Umbau Zwinger 2. Tag wand

the leftovers from dinner, the garbage bag with french fries, mayonaise frikandellen (a dutch specialty) with beer…..

Umbau Kennel 2. Tag 1

Day 3. Old Year’s eve 2014

Father and Son Neiken worked until 19.30 and all tiles where placed againt the walls. Some works could not be done, because everything has to be dry first.

Father Neiken during filling primer and cleaning.

Umbau 3. Tagg 1

Son Neiken during filling the primer and using kit.

3. Tag Umbau Sohn Neiken

Day 4. New Years day 2015

Towards the evening we started with the enormous clearing and cleaning up. Four hours later everything had been finished. Tomorrow the decorator will come for the last time, in order to place the 2n layer of paint. In th afternoon, Jos Bovendeerd will come to help. The heavy kennel elements have to be put back in place and fastened. Also the new carpets have to be laid. In the afternoon I will pick up Norman, Senta and Nelly. By the time I return everything has to be finished. Saturday and Sunday we ould like to place the cups and certificates back to their places. Only the pictures for the “Wall of Fame”, will have to wait.

My hardworking husband has been very busy today.

Umbau 4. Tag

To get the floor clean and shining again was very difficult

Umbau 4 Tag boden

Sunday 03-01-2015 DONE

On Friday, the 2nd January the decorator came to paint the walls for the last time. Also our dear friend Jos Bovendeerd came by to help. The kennel elements had to be placed back and tightened to the wall. Furthermore the new carpets had to be laid. Saturday we had a rest day. On Sunday, I glued the last foil on the certificates and Harry brought the heavy cups from the cellar to the kennel. Cleaning again and putting it back in place. All little paint rests where removed and the floor was mopped for the somaniest time. The dogs are happy to finally be back at their regular sleeping places.

Some elements (2) still have to be fitted.

Umbau Kennel fertig urkunden

Sleeping place for Lasse and Niki

Umbau schlafplatz

Sleeping place Prada and King

Umbau schlafplatz Lasse