29 April 2013

“Schoko” is Netherlands Youth Champion

Sunday was the Show in Goes/NL. This is in the province of Zeeland and approximately 175 Km away from Maaseik. Mr. Jan de Gids was the judge for the 13 Beardies. I had decided, for well known reasons, not to show our “Lasse” and that was okay. But, for “Schoko” (Firstprizebears Liz Taylor), I needed one more CAC in the Youth Class, to finish off her Title. That, she managed and is now a Netherlands Youth Champion. Shown her 3 times in the Netherlands, twice became Best Bitch and now “only” first in the Youth Class. Unfortunately is the situation with the Bearded Collie people in  the Netherlands everything but friendly, cosy or fraternal. Too many power games by a new established club, who immediately threaten with lawyers and go against their own members. Too many friendship services, makes is no longer fun to go and show here, because on forehand it is already known how things will develop. And yes, off course I will burn my fingers again by saying this, but unfortunately it is the truth. Hopefully this situation will change soon, so that the atmosphere will become fun and a nice competition will start again. Luckily the OES people are VERY nice and funny.

I had only brought our small camera and this was what Karin Roosenboom had to make out of it.

“Schoko” with judge Mr. de Gids

NL- Juniorch Liz Taylor

In Spain was the CAC Show in Cieza. Alberto and Cristina where their with both of their males. Mrs. P. Dinneen from Ireland judged the Bearded Collies. Firstprizebears James Dean got the CAC and Ch.Firstprizebears Enfield, became Best Of Breed, won Group 1 and became 3rd Best Of Show.

We are waiting patiently on pictures by Alberto and Cristina, as we want to enjoy with them and their fantastic results.