2 March 2015

Schoko puppies 5 weeks old

Our 9 beauties are exceptional. They play alot and love variations. Therefore they sometimes get an old breadroll, or as today a fresh mackerel. Some chicken wings give them a pastime. Of course, all the fresh meat and fish they get is raw. For breakfast they get 750 grams minced meat, slightly warmed. That is eaten within no time. A spoon full of 20% cotton cheese they also liked and all of them had white snouts. Again we have made lots op pictures. Small video’s can regularly be found on Facebook.

The male “Obama” is already reserved.

5 weeks Obama

the ladies trade-union. Group 1. Some ladies are still available.

5 weeks first group girls

Group 2

5 weeks 2de group meiden

Here individual pictures of the ladies.

5 weeks Ohio sit   5 weeks Oakland sit   5 weeks Ocean Avenue sit 5 weeks Oklahoma sit     5 weeks Orlando sit   5 weeks Orleans sit 5 weeks Orville sit Oregon 5 weeks Oregon sit

A backstage shot just after the photo-shoot. Such a Rigdpad is very much beloved with the puppies.

5 weeks allen in het ridgipad

one can even lay on the edge.

5 weeks laying on edge ridgipad

a blanket from the other Rigdipad is a beloved toy.

5 weeks found something interesting to chew

a box full of toys.

5 weeks spelen living

and then there was that enormous person, called Harry. He is soooo huge.

5 weeks Harry and puppy

little puppies get tired very fast. You than lay down where you stand and go to sleep.

5 weeks Fotosshooting makes tired

the basket is also a beloved place to sleep in.

5 weeks dit mandje is van ons!

It is about time to return the puppies, so that they can do their afternoop nap. The question is: Who can hold more puppies, Harry of Conny? 🙂

5 weeks Harry and 2 puppies

and the winner is:

5 weeks Conny and 4 puppies