27 December 2018

Show News December 2018

At the IDS in Kassel / GER Ms. Cocozza was registered with her Ella. Mr. Loesau / GER judged the Beardies. The intermediate class was well staffed and “Firstprizebears Q’Walnutcreek” was 2nd with Excellent and Res-CAC. In addition, she is the most successful Show Bearded Collie 2018 of the Club for British herding dogs  Region  Niedersachsen.

Int. Show in Kiev/Ukranie on 9-12-2018

Famous allround judge Mr. Laurent Pichard  gave 3rd Best in Show at the Int. Show in Kiev/ukraine to Kataryna Villeger Multi. Ch. Firstprizebears Neil Diamond ( Ch. Lärkängens at firsticebears x Ch double worldwinner Firstprizebears Helen Hunt). I heard the groupjudge was the dutch mr Rob douma. Do not know the breedjudge


Holland Cup in Amsterdam on 14-12-2018. 9 Bearded Collies were registered for the young Hungarian Robert Kotlar. Driving to this exhibition on a Friday in Amsterdam is not really funny. Morning traffic jam and even more traffic jam in the evening. Xavier Pottiex has made the journey of 250 km and exhibited his “Multi Ch. Firstprizebears Proud Percy” here. “Percy” was in the very best and shows his beautiful movement. Actually, we spectators were of one opinion: this champion class had to win Percy. Regrettably, the judge thought otherwise and Percy was 3rd of the 3rd Champion males. Berry Hoenstok, who lives around the corner, had a better time. He won the Junior Class with his “Firstprizebears Q’Johnny Depp” and fulfilled the conditions for the Dutch Junior Champion with this 3rd junior CAC.

Berry Hoenstok with “NL-JCh. Firstprizebears Q’Johnny Depp” and the Judge Mr. Robert Kotlar

On Sunday at the Winner Amsterdam Show  on 16-12-18, 15 Bearded Collies were registered for Christina Bailey / GB. She is a famous breeder of Zottels Old Englsich Sheepdogs and also bred a litter Bearded collies. Berry nerves make sure that “Ovin” “Firstprizebears Q’Johnny Depp” plays the clown. The judge succeeded in calming his master and dog: Winner of youth class, youth winner Amsterdam and top: reserve best male at the tender age of 13 months. This day still had a grand finale. Tony Groenendijk a longtime best friend of Berry and of Arie Dijhuizen the co-owner of Ovin had time and to exhibit him in the Ring of Honour. It was about the Best Juniordog  of the groups 1 to 10 and Best in Show Young Dog. Tony is a VERY long-established exhibitor and unlike Berry has the peace and is calm. Tony and “Ovin” formed a dream team in the ring of honor and “Ovin” won the group 1 of the young dogs and came in the last 6th in the Best in Show competition. This team around “Ovin” promises an exciting future

Firstprizebears Q’Johnny Depp” with Berry Hoenstok and the judge Mrs. C. Bailey

Tony and Ovin

Arie Berry and Ovin in xmas mood


The last show of the year is always Wychen. It used to be there, now it’s Venray / Nl but everyone still says Wychen’s Christmas show. Mrs Anita Gielisse from the Netherlands judged the 20 registered Beaded Collies on 22.12.2018. She herself is a famous Borzoi breeder, who also regularly shows her dogs very successfully. In my opinion, she judged the first time the Bearded Collies. For our 2 registered Firstprizebears it was the culmination of a very successful exhibition year. Mrs. Gielisse judges very strictly and gave also very good and good as rating. For me it would have liked even much less excellent. The result of the day was:

Monika Fuss with her “Firstprizbears Pikes Peak” Best of Breed with CACIB, CAC

Berry Hoenstok with “Firstprizebears Q’Johnny Depp” Best Junior and Res Best Male

Open Class Male.: 1 Excellent Firstprizebears Pikes Peak, 2 Excellent, The Spirit of Spring Vintage 3 Very Good Midlandscorner Jackpot



Line up for Best male : Firstprizebears Pikes Peak (Open class ) Beardie Connections Quintino (Intermediate ) Firstprizebears Q’Johnny Depp (Junior class ) Res Best Male all Results you can finde here : http://www.vriendenbeardedcollie.nl/