11 June 2014

Saarbrücken/DLD, Arnhem/NL en Toledo/SP

During Whitsun, the Show agenda is overfilled. Almost none of the “die-hards” stayed at home. Neither do I! Like every year on Whitsun, Saturday the 3 day Show of Arnhem/NL was held. That is a tradition. In fact neither one of the dogs (Lasse, Prada, June), needed something, as both ladies had collected everything at the Joe Kat Show. But if you enter 4 dogs, including an OES, you are obliged to show up. So, together with King, the OES, Prada and June en route to Arnhem. Lasse was allowed to stay at home. Misses Runderkamp only had to judge 9 Beardies, of which Lasse and another dog where not present. At 11.00 we stood in the ring with the Beardies. Peggy Jeurissen had the honours to do the kick off with “Jazz”, won the Youth Class and received her 3rd Youth CAC. With this, Firstprizebears Letterman is now an official Netherlands Youth Champion.

Furthermore he became Res-Best Male. Peggy and her son Ivo where enormous happy. Prada was alone in the Youth Class and June had one competitor in the Open Class, which she won. We where satisfied and could go home on time, as we didn’t had to stay to go back in to the Big Ring. Annette Oostervink, once again, was so kind to make pictures of the Beardies.

Netherlands Youth Champion and Res-Best Male: “Firstprizebears Letterman” with Peggy Jeurissen.

Arnhem 06-14 FPB Letterman

Best Bitch and BOS, our 14 months old Firstprizebears Meryl Streep (Prada) and Inge Schreurs with her Ch. “Firstprizebears Jade Jagger” (June)


another nice picture of “Prada”


Sunday, the Van Bossche family came to visit the puppies. Their OES male “Floh”, is the father of our puppies. Afterwards they drove to Saarbrücken /GER, for the National Show that was held on Monday. Misses Marion ten Cate from the Netherlands judged the approximately 20 entered Beardies. The day before, the Int-Show was held. Here, Mrs. Ursula Langer was the judge for the Beardies. Mrs. Kuhn received a 3rd place with her Firstprizebears Millwaukee in the Intermediate Class. Fernando and Sergio had also come with their Ch. “Firstprizebears Kim Karnes”. She won the Champion Class and got the Res-CACIB. On Monday, “Ch. Firstprizebears King Cole“, of the Van Bossche family became Best Of Breed, his littersister  Ch. Firstprizebears Kim Karnes became Best Bitch. She now has 2 new titles in her possession, German and VDH Champion.

Here the picture of the winners, with the judge, Mrs. ten Cate


Beste Youth Dog D-Y Ch. “Firstprizebears Lucky Luke”, he won the Youth Class and is now German Youth Champion


Again, “Tobi” Firstprizebears King Cole. The Van Bossche family decided not to go in the Big Ring with a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius in the shade. That morning the judging  had finished at 11.15 hrs. Around 16.30 the judging in the Big Ring would start. The weather forecast however, predicted storm and heavy rain for that evening. This was a wise decision. That evening a heavy thunderstorm pulled over Germany, causing lots of damages. Highways had to be closed, due to trees that had fallen on the roads.


In the area of Toledo/Spain, a National Show was held. Oscar Largo had a beautiful comeback with “Mats” Firstprizebears Larry King. He became Best Of Breed, Won (FCI) Group 1 and finally became 3rd Best In Show. An excellent result.

Toledo FPB Larry king