28 August 2012

Showingseason starts again

The Summer break is over. Last Sunday we where together with our dogs at the Show in Rotterdam. Here judged, in a very strange an special way, Mr. Bierwolff from Austria. Our “Lasse” (Lärkängens at Firsticebear) became 2nd of 2 dogs. In the judging report, Mr. Bierwolff wrote that he has a good Top- and Bottomline. After the judging was over, he wanted to explain why this is the case. I was curious! Lasse has a soft back due to the fact that he is still a young dog. My comment to him: I you say so Mr. Bierwolff, than it must be that. Marja Eilers-Ojevaars Hitchkock and Enfield children at least won the Youth Class. Inge Schreurs also joined the members of the 2nd Club, together with her “Firstprizebears Jade Jagger”. There was a tense mood in and around the ring and lots of critisism against this judge. Sofar Rotterdam.

The same day, Eoin and Patricia Fleetwood with their Ch. Firstprizebears John FK, where at the Int-Show in Tralee/Eireland. Mrs. E. Liljekvist from Sweden judged the Beardies and “Oscar” became Best of Breed. Mr. K. Scheel from Denmark judged Pastoral Group 1 and placed “Oscar” on a 2nd place. Again a wonderful result from Eireland.

Patricia Fleetwood and “Oscar”

Firstprizebears John-FK-Tralle-Show-08-12

At the Show in Mechelen/B on 19-08-2012, Mrs A Gregoire judged. Patricia Soeters was here with her “Firstprizebears Frostproof” and scored an Ex 2.

In Bournemouth/UK at 11-08-2012, Mr. Dereke Smith judged the Beardies. Linda Peirson with Ch. Firstprizebears Enfield, beacame 4th in the Open Class. Also at this show where Graham Atkins with “Donna” (Firstprizebears Jackie O avec Snikkles) and also got a 4th place, but in the Graduate Bitch Class.