15 October 2018

Shownews October 2018

The Hellwig Family from Rühn/GER is my most loyal Firstprizebear Fan.  From 2008 unitil now they got 7 puppies from me. 2 Boys and 5 Girls. 3 of them are  very Young Teenagers but the other 4 became Champions: Delaware, Greenville, Hollywood and Lisa Marie.

Now they are on the Shows with the newest Addition to their household: Firstprizebears Q’Johnny Depp ( Johnny) and Firstprizebears Q’ Kim Karadashian(Lucia)

The Hellwigs attended the Show in Rostock on October 6th. This is very much North in Germany. Judge was mrs. Erika Heintz (Germany)

Johnny (Firstprizebears Q´Bradpitt) Excellent 1, CAC-J
Lucia (Firstprizebears Q´Kimkaradashian) Excellent 1, CAC-J, Juniorwinner Rostock

(Ch. Beardmarked Sighn for sore eyes x Ch. Fristprizebears Meryl Streep)

Johnny                                                                                                                                  Lucia