24 January 2015

Bad weather, storm and mud

The New Year started with lots of wind, read: storm and rain. The ideal mix for a muddy road. Doesn’t matter. Our dogs sometimes want to see something different that only our grounds. So everything was packed into the VW van and hit the road. This time Doro and Niki, our Bobtail ladies had to stay home. They simply where smelling too well for the gentlemen :-). The summery of this nice walk: washing 24 legs and 2 bums, because there was not enough time to have  a decent relieve. But fun we had.

Norman and Daddy Texas, Prada and a piece of King

Wandeling 1

Lasse with OES Girlie Senta

Wandelen 2

Lasse is a real swine. Everywhere there is mud, he has to go to. Typical Beardie.

Wandelen 3

the whole group on their way back.

Wandelen 4