31 January 2012

Smokey and Summer

After the dead of “Tampa”,Summer was very Sad. She missed her company. Karin Roosenboom asked is if we didn’t have a solution? Quick brainstormsession wat we could do. “Smokey” should be able to handle the move without any problems and would be submissive to Summer. Here with us, Smokey was the leader of the pack (after Texas ofcourse) and she was superior to all other bitches. Karin wanted to do the test and so it went. The experiment ended with a happy ending. Smokey is very happy and satisfied and Summer is the Boss. Karin also told us that smokey is clearly a Tampa daughter, only in brown. Just like Tampa, Smokey can’t play without a ball either.

Smokey and Summer  doing their afternoon nap.

Smokey and Summer together forever