14 January 2013

Smokey’s puppies, 5 days old

Today, Sunday, the Bechstedt family paid a visit. Dear friends, who have helped me often when I needed someone for doggy sitting or other things. That means they are used to do something when they are here. To be honest, they where also here yesterday. I had been invited to the Ball of the Prince Carnival in Aachen/Germany. I, the north light and who had never ever anything to do with carnival. As such a Ball of the Prince is connected with staying up all night long, I was invited to stay the night in the Quellenhof in Aachen. A chance I could not refuse. Due to the overtiredness the timing however, was not flattering and also due to the amount of work. But, luckily I had the dear Bechstedts, who where so brave to swing the scepter over here. This afternoon, at 12.00 hrs I was back home and everything went well. However, the Bechstedts had rings under their eyes, as they had spend the night on the couch. As of 04.00 until 10.00, I slept in a glorious V-Spring bed in the Quellenhof. I could have stayed in here for another 3 days. Making pictures, with the help of the Bechstedts occurred and that is why there are pictures of Smokey’s puppies with 5 ays old. Smokey is so easy going, the temperature is fine and she is very careful with her puppies. However, out of care she sits down when she has to go into the whelping box. Than I will help her in laying down and make sure that all puppies find a nipple. Smokey has 7 (yes 7 , so one less) large nipples and 2 smaller ones. There are 9 puppies, of which 2 are a little smaller. So also here we have the problem that the bigger ones push the smaller ones a side. Than the help of the breeder is needed.

In 2013, in Belgium, all names have to start with an M. Here are the names we have chosen for our puppies:

Memphis, Michigan and Montgomery for the males

Miami, Missippi, Madison, Melrose, Manassa and Manhattan for the bitches

Stop! Stay here.


this is better, the 3 males.


the 6 bitches we had to split and didn’t manage to get them in a row

here the first 4

5 days Smokey 4 bitches

and the two bigger girls.


had to take a picture of this oh so relaxed puppy with his full belly at 4 days of age


love this little paws