18 February 2013

Smokey’s puppies 6 weeks old

Sunday, wonderful weather, cold, but Sunny! Ideal to go with all puppies on the meadow and play with them. Here were 19 Beardie puppies and 3 OES puppies running around and had lots of fun. So did I. With Smoke we had alarm on Saturday. Peggy was so kind to babysit the puppies, because our dearest Daisy is in hospital with a pneumonia. She noticed that Smokey was so terribly quiet. We called, because I was at the Show in Hoogstraten/B and oh dear, Smokey had 40,2 degrees fever. And as it than goes: Our Vet Liesbeth Vanholen was not reachable (normally she is always reachable for us, 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week), her replacement could not be reached due to no net on her phone, as we found out later. My mobile’s battery was also empty in the meantime and on the parking, someone had hit my vehicle. But our emergency help, Eef Martens, took over the control and at 19.30 that night, Smokey was with the veterinarian, who identified an infection of the milk bar. The necessary treatment was given and with some extra Arnika drops and Kampfer oil everything became better. At 23.00, Liesbeth Vanholen cam by to have a look at Smokey. She had read my message around 22.00 on her mobile. Now the puppies drink 3 times per day with Smokey and today, Monday she is fit as a fiddle. Pfff! Tomorrow the puppies will be chipped, vaccinated and get their worm cure, than they are 6 weeks old. It is a very harmonic litter, the puppies have beautiful heads, are quiet en satisfied with the world. I think, that our Beardies look at the Bobtails and take their peace from them. Some puppies have been pre-ordered, but a single male and bitch is still available.

Vicky van Tiggelen and Nicole Visser came to visit on Sunday and therefore it was easy to make the weekly Star pictures.

The 3 males Montgomery (for him they are searching room in a camper at the moment), Michigan (also in option and we are awaiting an answer) and Memphis (who has to struggle with Lance Bass first to see who will win PS: Memphis won)


the lady session: Madison, Millwaukee, Manhattan, Miami, Melrose and Missippi (she has been reserved)



Male: Montgomery 6 weeks old
Male Michigan 6 weeks old
Male Memphis 6 weeks old. and if you don’t want to show yourself, you just turn around…. but he is friendly the other way around too.
Smokey Memphis 6 weeks backSmokey-Memphis-front-6-weeks
Bitch Madison 6 weeks
Bitch Millwaukee 6 weeks
Bitch ManhattanMelrose
Bitch Miami BeachMissippi

they where all so cute during the photo session, that they all received a kiss by Conny first.


The pictures from our Sunday walk. First of all everything has to be checked carefully

alle puppy-auslauf-draussen

the world is so big and exciting


some very smart puppies, discovered a hole, in which they found old leaves. That was interesting.


than the journey continued in to the direction of the garden house. Very far away and very thrilling.


afterwards there was fresh chicken for all of them



taste so gooood…..