29 January 2013

Smokey’s puppies almost 3 weeks

Because Smokey her puppies where born on a Tuesday, it is almost undo able for me to make pictures during the weekdays. Over the weekend, mostley people are visiting. Therefore the Sunday pictures, with amost 3 weeks. As written before, this is a very easy going litter and there is almost no work involed. Smokey is a very confident mother and everything is always very clean and satisfied. Her puppies look like wooly wads. Thick, round and heavy. Comparing them with the puppies of Summer who look like sizes “nil”. Smokey herself is a large bitch and bigger than Summer. This is the same with the fathers. Logically this is seen with the children also. Today, with 3 weeks, we have enlarged the whelping box in the kitchen. the front panel has been removed and a ren has been built against it, so that they now have 3 times as much space as in the whelping box. They have immedaitely looked around and see… they are marching away from their berths to do their needs or bigger, at the end of the ren. As far as Beardie puppies are concerned, they are simply said genius with regards to doing their needs outside. Tomorrow they will be weight againand receive their first meal. I am curious te see if they will look as dirty as Summer’ puppies.

This was with 2 weeks and 2 das in the whelping box, after the underground had been changed.


when the whelping box is made clean, Smokey and her puppies are outside the box and waiting.


almost 3 weeks old, the 3 males.


the first group with ladies.

Smokey-2,5-weeks-3-girls-black +

and the 2nd


again a beautiful head.