28 May 2012

Smokey’s puppies are 4 weeks old

Halftime started. Smokey and Hitchlock’s puppies are 4 weeks old today. Another 4 weeks and they will leave us. Because it was such a beautiful day today, we have made pictures on the meadow and afterward the grass was inspected and concluded that you can play on it wunderfully. Tomorrow is a serious day, because another wormcure has to be taken. That is the lesser good part of the day. As a reward they will receive fresh slighty warmed minced meat.

Here the Pentecost Starpicture


Fresh milk for all. Smokey immediately delivered.


afterwards Smokey treated herself on a back massage on the grass


the 5 males have to amuse themselves


Where am I?


This smart young fellow is still searching for a new home. He is a wonderful male who can be used very well for breeding and showing if he keeps developing himself like he does now.


and on top of that, he is cute


as a photographer you have a dangerous life in which you can also be injured by knibbling.

puppy eating my feet