22 July 2013

“Strike” 6 months old

In the mean time, “Strike” is 6 months old and will remain with us until the end of September. After this he will start a long journey and will begin a new life in Australia. He is a sweetheart. A very well-mannered dog, who does what he wants. Namely: if he starts getting bored, or it is to warm outside, than he jumps over the fence of the puppy kennel and worms his way into, for him much to small, hatch inside. Here again he jumps over the fence of the inside kennel and lays down in his own area, where it is cool. At this moment, with an outside temperature of 32 degrees Celcius, the kennel is cooled down until 20 degrees. A smart little fellow our “Lucky Strike”, isn’t he?




it doesn’t matter how warm it is, the sofa is deeply loved by Strike.

Strike on the couch1