19 November 2013

Successes from Australia to Canada


During last weekend, the successes of our Firstprizebears almost went over the whole world. Let us start in:

Brandon/Manitoba/Canada: Here, Janet Osterbauer had sent her “Mia” Firstprizebears Mia Farrow (Lärkängens at Firsticebears x Firstprizebears Helen Hunt), to the Show with Tammy. “Mia”, became Best Puppy, Best of Breed and won Group 1.

FPB Mia Farrow

Belgium: Saturday we where at the 50st EurodogShow of Kortrijk. The judgement was in hand of Mr. Alan Jones, an Englishman, who is living in Italy since a long time and here, together with Mr. Bernini, bred the “Del Narciso” Beardies. Eighteen Beardies had been entered. In total more than 3000 dogs. The opening was done by Nette Huyskens with her “Witse”.  He was alone in the Youth Class, received an Excellent1 and later became Best Youth dog against a Bitch from the Youth Class.

Nette Huyskens with “Firstprizebears Luke Perry” (Lärkängens at Firsticebears x Firstprizebears Donna Summer)

Kortrijk Luke Perry

After this it was “Lasse’s” turn, who had the  known Kenji as opponent in the Champion Class. “Lasse”  won, also against the male from the Intermediate Class, the CACIB and CAC.

Lärkängens at Firsticebears, the judge Mr. Alan Jones and Beardie Connections Kenji met Guido Surinx

Kortrijk Championclass Male 1 and 2nd

“Schoko” started in the Intermediate Class, but did not have her day and didn’t do what we had expected her to do. It resulted in a Excellent 2nd place

19 months old Firstprizebears Liz Taylor

Kortrijk Schoko

In theb battle for the BOB, Lasse lost against the Bitch.

BOS Lärkängens at Firsticebears, the judge Mr. Jones and the BOB Bitch “Farah Fawcett des Berges des Mille et une Nuit”, owned by  Debora Raquet

Kortrijk Bos BOB

On Sunday another show was held, with also 3000 entered dogs, but some different Beardies and other judges. The Englishman, Mr. Felix Cosme was supposed to judge, but was replaced by Mrs. Vermeiere. For both judges we had not enetered. But, our Mieke and Roland Mussche where here with their 16 months old “Firstprizebears Le Hermann” (Lärkängens at Firsticebears x Firstprizebears Donna Summer). He won the Res-CACIB and Res-CAC. As the winning dog is already Champion, the full total of points will go to Herman. Thank you Joke Bijster who took the photo of “Herman”.


Switserland: Geneva, double show. Fernando and Suny have had their “Firstprizebears Kim Karnes” shown here. She won under the German judge, Mr. Frankenberger, who wrote a beautiful judging report. Something to frame. She received the CAC and the Res-CACIB.

Spain: In Talavera, the yearly Champion Show was held. Here the Englishman Barry Croft judged. Our Superstar “Firstprizebears Enfield” was shown here, but unfortunately Mr. Croft did not recognize what juwel he got presented here. He became Excellent 2.


Enfield Talavera

Oscar Largo showed “Firstprizebears Larry King (Caramac Change the Beat x Firstprizebears Heidi Klum) in the Open Class and got the R-CAC and an Excellent.

Mr. Croft during the judging of  “Firstprizebears Larry King”

Talavera FPB Larry KIng

Talavera FPC Larry King

Australia: Firstprizebears Lucky Strike ( Lärkängens at Firsticebears x Firstpizebears Donna Summer) had his show debut in Down Under.He was shown with judge Mr. Jim Black and he thought he was wonderful. The result: Best of Breed, 10 points for the Title and Best in Group 1. Pictures will come.

Hij werd geshowd bij keurmeester Dhr. Jim Black en die vond hem geweldig. Het resultaat: Beste van het Ras, 10 punten voor de Titel en Res- Beste van Groep 1. Foto’s volgen.