12 January 2017

“Summerke” 09-11-2004 died on 30-12-2016

Int-NL-B-LUX-D-VDH-Schwedish-Finnsh Ch. Top Dog Group 1 2007 Eukanuba award

Ch. Firstprizebears Donna Summer,

09-11-2004     died  30-12-2016

“Summer” was something very special when she was born. I knew immediately, I must keep her. Of course the timing was all wrong, as always. No matter, difficult situations are there to be handled. Living with “Summer” was simply a joy. She just wanted me to be happy and did everything to make it so. “Summer” had a fantastic exhibition career. She was for a time with Anki Johansson in Finland and then with Karin Festin in Sweden. In her short stay abroad, she had a liaison in Sweden from which her first litter was born. “Summer” was a perfect breeder and gave me 4 beautiful litters. From these litters, a total of 12 of Summers children have become champions. They have become famous dogs, for example, my own “Helen Hunt” became the world champion twice. Her beautiful daughter “Prada” aka Meryle Steep stayed with me and embodies the beauty of her grandmother “Donna Summer”

The last 12 months, “Summer” has lived with Eef and Thei Martens, together with her daughter Helen Hunt and the Eefs other 4 Beardies. She had a wonderful life there and enjoyed everything to her last breath. During a walk on the 30-12 with all the other 5 Beardies, “Summer” suddenly fell over and died a few minutes later. Thank you Eef and Thei that “Summer” could be with you.

Goodbye my “Summer” you were something very special and for me you were the epitome of the Bearded Collie standard.

Firstprizebears Donna Summer

Firstprizebears Donna Summer              Firstprizebears Donna Summer

Dezember 2016

Donna Summer

Donna Summer

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