30 December 2012

Summer’s babies are born

Exactly as planned! Last night, Summer has given birth to her puppies. She started at 23.55 hrs with the first male, after which she held a short brake until 01.15 and after which another male was born. At 01.30 hrs the next one. Quarter to two (01.45) a blue male was born. This was a special surprise that Summer made to me. I always thought that Summer was no carrier of delution. That means, that she would not inherit another color than black. This was also my opinion of our Lasse (Lärkängens at Firsticebears) who, until today only inherited black and white. So, both are carriers of delution. Lovely! At 02.00 number 5 was born and I had my doubts if there would be any girls. But, number 6 at 02.30, finally was a girl! Another one at 02.45. Again a male at 03.00, after which 2 girls were born at 03.30 and 04.30. A realy fast and uncomplicated birth. Now we have 6 males and 4 girls. Ch. Firstprizebears Donna Summer is a remarkable Beardie, who has a large fanclub, due to her charisma and excellent character. She has just become 8 years old and this was her last litter. After this she will enjoy her well deseerved pension and will only be a “couch-queen” for the rest of her life.

Now we will enjoy this beautiful litter first. A litter that is very equal. The weights are varying between 300 and 350 grams.

In case someone is interested to have a puppy out of this special combinations, please hurry up.

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6 male puppies, shortly after their birth


4 girls


once more all 4 ladies