14 January 2013

Summer’s puppies 2 weeks old

With Summer and her puppies everything is going well. They drink, sleep, grow and that 24 hrs per day. That means that my nightly rest every 2 to 3 hours is interrupted. Than Summer is going back into the whelping box and am I helping her and make sure that all have a nipple. There are 2 smaller puppies, who are pushed away from a nipple by the bigger ones. Summer actually has 8 larger and 2 smaller nipples. During the day they get the bottle four times, in the meantime thicker so they get full. Summer had enough milk but it helps her relaxing. The dis-advantage is that all puppies connect the smell of my hands with food. This is also a disadvantage when making pictures. As soon as I touch the puppies they search for the bottle or the nipple. That’s why our pictures are not optimal with 2 weeks. The puppies still haven’t doubled their birth weight yet. That is for Beardie puppies quite normal. For Bobtail puppies it is a rule. Today they all got worm cure as paste. All was licked of my fingers very fast, because….. they think they get something to eat and immediately start sucking at my fingers. They now walk through the whelping box and have opened their eyes. Over the coming days I will feed them a little Terra Canis tinfood and see if they are willing to eat that already. Today, papa “Lasse” visited his kids and was auntie Doro allowed to stick her head in the whelping box and have a look. Summer was laying on the couch very relaxed.

The first attempt and Mrs. Bechstedt was here to help. Mr. Bechstedt was taking the pictures.


all males are on the pillow looking for a nipple. We didn’t manage to have them look into the camera. That we will practice.


the girls are not that camera shy.