5 January 2013

The first week for Summer’s puppies

We were in stress. Our “Summer”, as usual after birth, once again had a raised temperature. Most of the time it takes care by itself. But not this time. On New Years Day she had 40,5 degrees fever and all the puppies had lost weight. However everyone was happy and satisfied. The only thing was, that Summer did not want to eat anymore. We had no other option than to call our veterinarian and she had to investigate Summer really well. Via telefon we had already agree to give her tablets that lowered the fever. Inside everything seemed to be fine. So, a light medication for a light contraction of the uteus was injected together with a anti fever cure. Yes…, from that moment on it went fast. The temperature lowered and Summer wanted to eat again. However just the best was good enough for her: Minced Meat, pate and 20% cottage cheese and finally she also drank enough fluid. Unfortunately the puppies had lost weight. The 5 smallest ones where so cute and drank from the bottle, after which I started to feed them every three hours. Now it is all relaxed again and have they gained weight again. However, some of the weight they should have had after one week is still missing, but I am sure that they will catch up with that in the second week. The pictures have been made on Friday, when they where 6 days old. My dear husband Harry, unfortunately, has to go abroad for another three months and making picture all by yourself is impossible. Here I have to find help over the next 7 weeks. My good friend, Eef Martens, didn’t say no when I asked her if she could visit me once a week for fotoshoots. In times of need you have to ask your friends for help.

Here the pictures of the 6 day old puppies. First of all the ladies. For them, the following names have been made up: Leona Lewis, Lara Croft, Linda Gray en Lana del Rey


the seven gentleman will be named: Lucky Luke, Levi Straus, Lucky Strike, Luke Perry, Lance Bass and Letterman


they where so cute in laying down.


afterwards they all fell asleep.


8 days old all are drinking