7 July 2014

Tobi and Ole in Meissdorf/GER

Last Sunday, the Van Bossche family , together with Tobi and Ole went to a Show, held at the Meissdorf Castle. It is said that it is a beautiful Show ground, the terrains of the Castle Meissdorf. The judge for the Bearded Collies was the Dane J.H. Hindse. With his almost 3 years of age, “Tobi” (Ch. Firstprizebears King Cole), is a stately appearance and this was also found by the judge: Best Of Breed.

With his 15 months, “Ole” (Firstprizebears Lucky Luke) was shown for the first time in the Intermediate Class and received his first points.

Best Of Breed Firstprizebears King Cole

Firstprizebears King Cole 07-14

“Ole” (Firstprizebears Lucky Luke) 2 days BEFORE the Show.

Firstpizebears Lucky Luke privat1

at the day of the Show in Meissdorf, with his friend “Tobi”

Firstprizebears Lucky Luke 07-14

and one day AFTER the show.

Firstprizebears Lucky Luke privat 2