24 November 2011

Today the puppies are 6 weeks old.

Surprise! We have pictures with 6 weeks. Someone visited with an awesome camera. These two males are still looking for a new home. They also have show capacity…….

  6 weken 2 reutjes nog vrij

So innocent and soft, the male on the right side of the photo “Keanu Reves”.

 6 weken feiner Rüde

 The male on the left on the picture Firstprizebears Kid Rock

 6 weken reutje punt head

 Especially for Tiny her Xander  “Firstprizebears Kirk Douglas”

 6 weken Xander head 1

The two males who have already been booked Firstprizebears King of Pop and King Cole)

6 weken reutjes keuzes 1 en 2

The girls also wanted to go on the picture Firstprizebears Katie Melua and Kim Raver

 6 weeks 2 dutch girls

The 3rdyoung lady Firstprizebears Katy Perry

 6 weeks teef 1

Sergios and Fernandos girl “Firstprizebears Kim Carnes”

6 weeks girl Fernando headpiece