11 April 2014


The famous dog fancier and Allround Judge, Prof Frank Kane, has written a very interesting article in the DogWorld, about judges. In my opinion, every judge and exhibitor should read this article. Generaly spoken, he wrote that Judges should just judge the dog(s) and nothing else! That sounds as the most normal thing on earth and should go without saying. However, nothing is less true. Frank Kane describes the enormous influences of handlers on Judges and how they manipulate. There are even Teams positioned along the rings, who start applauding when certain dogs are judged.  Furthermore he writes that good Dogs are pushed to superstars, because in the background, judges are invited etc. etc. An excellent article, that exactly describes what is going on in our breeds at this moment. When such forces are working in the background, you have no more chance in winning as an exhibitor with an excellent dog and are completely powerless. A national phenomenon, in which almost exclusively judges from the Benelux are involved and who participate in this ruthless “game”. I have printed this article and those who want to read it can let me know and I will sent the link.

Until 2 years ago, this Show was held in Utrecht/NL, but is now going on in the Trade Centre of Nieuwegein/NL. Mrs Marion ten Cate from the Netherlands, judged the Bearded Collies. This Judge has always been high in my list and I always had a great confidence in her as a neutral judge. Therefore I had entered our Swedish Superstar “Lasse” and also took “Prada” with me. I had agreed with Inge Schreurs to Show her June. Unfortunately this day didn’t go as I had hoped it would.

From “Lasse” and “Prada” we don’t even have Pictures. Even aquintances of us, where so shocked that they simply forgot to make pictures.

Of Inge Schreurs her “Firstprizebears Jade Jagger”, I have a good photo. She has 2 CAC’s and 3 Res-CAC’s in the Netherlands.. She won the Open Class, somthing that was not difficult. Was however bypassed by the Bitch from the Youth Class and the only entered bitch in the Intermediate Class.


Sometimes, a picture says more than a thousand words. Here the winning bitches: Youth Class Exc 1 and Best Bitch ( 8 entered) Els Jansen with “Braemoor Simply an Angel, the only bitch from the Intermediate Class Anouck Buntix with Telling Tails Cinderellas Charm and “Firstprizebears Jade Jagger” from the Open Class, which was occupied with 3 bitches.

Utrecht Lineup best bitch