1 April 2014

Spring Show in Luxembourg, Moskau and Israel

Regina from Russia, contacted me via Facebook and informed me, that at the large Eurasia Show, held last weekend in Moscow, she had seen “Pepsi”. Ch. Firstprizebears Kokakola who was owned by our dear friend Denis Skopinski. In the Spring of 2013, he was tragically murdered in his apartment in Moscow. Here where also his dogs, under which 2 Bearded Collies, he had from us. Thank God, good friends of Denis took care of them and informed me that they had found a new home for them. This message pleased me very much. Thank you Regina, for thinking about me. On the first day of the Show, under judge Mr. John Walsh from Ireland, he won the CAC and Res-CACIB and during the second day he won the Res CAC under the Dane Mr. J.H. Madsen. “Pepsi” looks great and I am very happy that he is doing well.

Firstprizebears Kokakola Eurasier 03-14

At the Spring Show in Luxembourg, the Belgian Mr. Vanhoenakker judged. A reason for us to stay home. A couple of brave Firstprizebear Bearded Collie owner had the courage to show here and to my great astonishment they had success. Mrs. Ulrike Kuhn had shown her “Nana” Firstprizebears Millwaukee” in the Youth Class. She won this Class and is now a “Luxembourg Youth Champion”.

Firstprizebears Millwaukee  Lux 30-3-14

Fernando an Kim also had the bravery to show here and won a strong occupied Champion Class Bitches. Now Kim own 1 more Title: Luxembourg ChampionFirstprizebears Kim Karnes

Firstprizebears Kim Karnes Lux 30-3-14

Paz Davidovich was together with her “Firstprizebears Marilyne Monore” successful on the road. Last Saturday, in the Show Centre of Givat Haim/ISR, a show was held here for FCI Group 1. Mrs. Jolanda Nagler from Israel gave her the Res-Best In Show and during the second day, became Best In Show, under the Italian judge Mrs. Anna Alberigo.